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It has been said leadership is the capacity to translate a vision into reality. By this and any other definition of leadership, Larry is a truly great leader! From his role as Camp Counselor at the Missouri Children’s Burn Camp, to his ability to recruit firefighters to join him on a mission trip to Africa, to building tomorrow's leaders, Larry's leadership skills are legendary.

When we asked Larry about his motivation to join the St. Louis Fire Department, this is what he told us:

“It seemed like a solid profession and my cousin by marriage at the time was Chief Adam Long. He encouraged me to look into the profession and since I like helping people it seemed like a great way to help. For over 23 years now I have enjoyed every day at work. I have fun traveling and teaching for the fire service. I teach a leadership workshop, an organization dedicated to personal development. 
I will also be teaching leadership in Seward, Alaska for the Alaska Fire Conference this Fall, in addition to my role as their keynote speaker for the opening ceremony. The Africa Fire Mission is another exciting opportunity to teach leadership at the first ever All Kenya Fire Academy in Nairobi, Kenya. StLFD firefighters Jessica Jackson, Jeff Weffelmeyer and Chris Tobin will be representing STLFD as part of a nation-wide team of 20 to help the fire service in Kenya. Leaving the fire service better than I found it is what drives me to do more than work my shift and go home.

The City Of St. Louis is a unique living experience even with all of its crime issues. I love the architecture, unique neighborhood identities and rich history. This history makes for interesting work as a firefighter as we become part of the neighborhoods we serve.

The Lifesaving Foundation support fills critical gaps necessary to help serve our citizens better. Without the Lifesaving Foundation support critical equipment and resources would not be possible or delayed. Both scenarios are unacceptable. The Lifesaving Foundation will always be dear to my heart especially because of their partnership with StLFD for a very successful fundraiser a few years back raising $55,000, $35,000 of which went to the Missouri Children’s Burn Camp. As Camp Director of the Burn Camp, and on behalf of the burn survivors who attend the camp THANK YOU LIFESAVING FOUNDATION!”

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