The Larry Conley Radio Show is back Monday August 8th!

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Monday August 8, 2016 - 6:30 CST / 7:30 EST

Join us and our guest, Brian Ward! We will discuss his new leadership book, Barn Boss Leadership. 

Barn Boss Leadership is a unique blend of fire, science, psychology and fire service history provided by an author who has worked for the largest of metropolitan to the smallest of volunteer departments.

True leaders develop their power long before they receive a promotion. This text is designed to provide a guide and self-awareness gut check for individuals of all ranks. However, the emphasis of this text if for the informal leader in the organization, who is the catalyst for action. This text is for the individual who considers mastery the minimum standard.

The content of this book crosses all generations, ranks and years of seniority. If you are motivated and inspired to learn like the best, train like the best, and be the best – this book is for you. The fire service is one of, if not the most, storied histories of all industries in the world. Organizations around the world strive to replicate our public image and develop leaders such as those of the fire service.

About Brian:
Currently, Brian is working with Fire Engineering on the Training Officer’s Toolbox publishing bi-monthly one page lesson plans on various topics. Brian has authored over 30 nationally publicized articles and research papers, in addition to speaking engagements across the country on training and emergency response topics. Brian has experience as a classroom, workshop and hands-on- training instructor at FDIC.

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