The Non-Negotiable Rules of Status

1. Whenever you lower someone's or something's status, you LOWER your own. (In the eyes of others)

2. Whenever you RAISE someone’s or something’s status, you RAISE your own. (In the eyes of others)

3. Whenever you raise the status of a fellow Firefighter or Citizen, you raise your own status, and the status of the entire Department.

4. Growth can only happen when all parties involved in a transaction are operating on an EQUAL,  HIGH-STATUS level.

The E.M.P.O.W.E.R Model

Endivision - Begin any Task with the End Clearly Defined

Mutual Victory - Seek Win/Win Solutions to Conflicts

Be Proactive - Go Beyond Taking Initiative. Choosing Values over Feelings or Emotions

Organize Priorities - Things which matter most, must never be at the mercy of things which matter least - Goethe

Working Together - Is the essence of Principle Centered Leadership. Emphasizes the WHOLE being greater than the sum of its parts is synonymous with Synergy. Unifies and Unleashes the Greatest Powers within People.

Empathetic Listening - Repeat Content: Listen to the speaker and repeat their words to them. Rephrase Content: Put the meaning in your own words. Reflect Feeling: Pay attention to how they feel about what they're saying. Respond: In a way that illustrates understanding and validates their point of view.

Recharge - Physical: Exercise, Nutrition, Health Management. Mental: Reading, Writing, Visualizing, Planning. Social/Emotional: Service, Empathy, Synergy, Intrinsic Security. Spiritual: Value Clarification, Study Meditation, Commitment

Personal Leadership is...

"The process of influencing oneself to establish the self direction and self motivation needed to perform"

Dr. Christopher P. Neck | Associate Professor of Management | Arizona State University

Fire Services can only be organizationally efficient and effective when there is continuous, positive interaction across and among these three groups:

  • The Citizens and Communities we serve

  • The Senior Management of each Department or Municipality

  • The Firefighters on the Front Lines